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Design Dark Era


Sustainable development

Impressive is the new Sun Wood design “Dark Era”. The template for this unique coffee table is a million years old, fossilized wood from Indonesia. The wood of former jungle giants was covered five million years ago by soil or volcanic ash. Gradually the wood enriched with minerals, which has drawn a breathtaking structure of different colours into the wood. This impressive detailed structure is matured over millions of years. Gradient colours that will shine in all shades of grey, scattered by ice-blue and silver details that pleases the eye.

Through a special technique, we haven been able to reproduce and process this admirable masterpiece of nature as a side – or Coffee Table.

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Information & Technik

Unikate – gefertigt in liebevoller Handarbeit.

The new stone wood design tables have a smooth and slightly shiny surface. Using the natural material of wood can lead to subtle irregularities in colour and structure. So every Sun Wood Design table is unique.

The emphasis on the natural grain of the wood is highly appreciated, therefore, is respected in the treatment and refining process of glued spruce solid wood panels from domestic forestry that the structure is highlighted and emphasized as possible.

For all Sun Wood tables, the focus in the surface treatment is to refine the appearance of the wood, to protect the nature and the originals.



All our tables are made ​​by hand. The delivery time of the tables is approximately 3 weeks.