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Design Transilvania

Table Legs Metal (black)


Sustainable development

The dark décor of the Sun Wood designer table has a mystical, elegant look and invites you to let your thoughts wander in the distance. Transilvania will take you on a journey to bygone times.

The dark brown to black, brushed surface is reminiscent of the internal lining of a historical Romanic travelling wagon and conveys the flair of travelling with vintage chic.

New wood is artificially, but artfully “matured” by means of a special process. At the same time, the grain is highlighted and emphasised.

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Unique items – Handcrafted in Austria

Irregularities in colour and surface structure can arise through the use of the natural material wood.

But emphasising the natural grain of the wood is explicitly desired. That is why during the treatment and finishing processes involving the bonded solid spruce boards from local forestry we make sure that knotholes and grains are highlighted and emphasised.

The unique Sun Wood items can have notches, dents and knothole recesses. The focus of surface treatment is to enhance and protect the appearance of the wood and to recreate the beauty of the original tree trunks.

Table Legs Metal (black)

Table Legs Metal (black)



All our tables are made ​​by hand. The delivery time of the tables is approximately 3 weeks.